Fashion: Windsor Raspberry

Motel Windsor Raspberry Skirt Summer Fashion
Skirt - Motel
Top - Missguided
Shoes - Primark
Necklace - Asos

Motel Windsor Raspberry Skirt Summer Fashion

This is an outfit from a little while back. I'm in the middle of moving flats at the mo so all of my clothes are either boxed up or strewn across our new flat, which is why I haven't been posting a lot lately. I just can't find anything!

It's been pretty sunny in Edinburgh the past couple of weeks so I had a mini spending spree on some summer essentials and bought this skirt from Motel in one of their sales. I've got to say, Motel do seem to be pretty hit and miss with some of their clothing, especially with the sizing. This skirt was the smallest size possible, and yet was still way too big on me (cue some crafty alterations), but their playsuits and dresses are always far too small and short and result in some very unnecessary cheek flashage. Sort it aht Motel!

BUT saying that, i do really like this skirt and especially love the colour and print. I don't own a lot of bright pieces so this was a welcome addition to my monochrome wardrobe, although it does look rather lonely. I should probably buy some more summer clothes, you know, to keep it company...


Fashion: Ark Clothing Summer Style

Ark Clothing
Ark Clothing

There are a few websites which I go back to time and time again when i need a wardrobe makeover, and Ark Clothing is one of them. I remember scrolling through their pages in the first years of University, and spending most of my student loan on shoes and dresses and then living off cereal for the rest of the year..... We've all been there! Haven't we...?


Fashion: British Festival Fashion

With Glastonbury Festival kicking off a summer of music and warm cider in the sun comes the obligatory festival fashion fever. When I used to go to festivals *sob* I always had a bit of a melt-down if i didn't meticulously plan my outfits for each day beforehand. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people who can just throw on whatever the hell they feel like each morning and manage to look like they'd just strolled through Vanessa Hudgens' wardrobe, so a bit of pre-planning went far.

British Music Festival Fashion Essentials


Edinburgh Hang-outs: Apiary Restaurant

Apiary restaurant, Edinburgh

For the second post in my Edinburgh Hang-outs series, I chose another local treasure in the Newington area of Edinburgh; Apiary is a restaurant, cafe and bar which describes itself as offering "Modern British grub to comfort and excite", served with a Mediterranean twist.